I help guest house owners to increase their PROFIT by maximising occupancy and increasing the lifetime value of their guests.

Listen to this two minute introduction to the Whirlpool Principles because, if your website doesn't suck in sales like a whirlpool, it sucks!



"Does your website Strut or Sell"

A fancy graphic designer may stroke your ego but they could cost you a fortune in lost sales if they don’t understand how to make a website suck in sales like a whirlpool. I don’t build websites but I can show you what you need.

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Find out how my guest house coaching program can help you to increase your sales and profit beyond the hard-ceiling of 100% occupancy! Why settle for anything less?

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And get a free Website Review that could stop you losing up to R156,000 or more per year in lost sales!


Attract more guests to your website.

Catching someone's attention in this fast-paced world is getting more challenging by the day.

I have tools and strategies to cut though the noise and capture the sales.

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Convert more website visits to sales.

Every fisherman knows, if you are going to fish, make sure your nets are ready to catch!

Most guest house websites leak like sieves. Until the holes are plugged, they will keep losing valuable sales with every lost click.

Is your website losing sales?

Every lost click is a loss equivalent to your average booking! How much are you losing if you lose two sales per week?

Create more Value.

Here we apply very cool strategies to break through the hard ceiling of 100% occupancy by offering more value to our guests.

It's all about increasing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) without raising prices!

Do you want more income?

The Digital Revolution is changing everything; opening up new opportunities and leaving old ones behind. Are you keeping up?


35 years of hospitality experience condensed into a simple, six-stage coaching program.

I first applied these principles when, in 2004, I purchased a struggling lodge and increased occupancy from 27% to over 90% in three months and achieved an annual occupancy almost double the local area. And then I got frustrated by that 100% occupancy cap on revenue potential and began looking for ways to increase the value I offered our clients. No limits to income potential!

One of my mantras is "Teach - Inspire - Empower" so it was only natural to share these empowering strategies with others.

"Shaun is an innovative and inspiring business coach. The ideas he suggested and I implemented have enabled me to triple my revenue this year. I highly recommend Shaun." (Yvonne Halling, guest house owner, France)

Book a 90-minute Strategy Session, today. I guarantee it will deliver exceptional results.

I am based in South Africa and coach globally via Skype.

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