I have developed a very clear image of my ideal client because I know what stunning results we can achieve with positive, prompt and purposeful action.

Working with an ideal client is mutually fun and rewarding and the start of a long friendship that can last long after the coaching relationship ends. Why work with anyone else?

My Ideal Client

A positive guest house owner who wants to 

Make more money from their guest house, lodge or B&B and they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal.

They are positive people;

  • They enjoy their business

Even if they feel overwhelmed at times.

  • They believe in their business' potential.

They are trying ‘stuff’ but not getting the results they believe are possible.

  • They are disciplined action-takers.

or would like to be more disciplined and positive action takers.

Success is inevitable, when my ideal client implements my strategies and systems.

In fact, I guarantee success with everything I offer! Usually stated as "a measurable benefit at least 2x my fee within 90 days" which effectively means an 8x return when measured over a year, usually much more.

Talk to me.

My best, ideal client

Yvonne Halling, a B&B owner in France was my best, ideal client and we achieved fantastic results together.

When I met Yvonne she owned a four-bedroom B&B in Champagne, France.  After experiencing financial difficulties during the 2009 economic meltdown, she was feeling desperate and her first words to me were;

“I have to find a a way to make €40,000 this year!

Yvonne progressed quickly through the ATTRACT and CONVERT stages of the Guest House Coaching Program and within six months had tripled her B&B’s turnover. The higher turnover allowed Yvonne to employ someone to share the workload and free up her time to do more of what she loves.

Yvonne started to enjoy her business and within a year, turnover had quadrupled.

"Shaun is an innovative and inspiring business coach. The ideas he suggested and I implemented have enabled me to triple my revenue this year. I highly recommend Shaun."

Yvonne quickly outgrew my coaching and went on to work with other teachers and coaches who helped her to accelerate her personal and business growth, not only as a B&B owner but soon as an internationally-recognised B&B Coach.

Yvonne now focuses on growing her B&B coaching business, her real passion.

I feel privileged to have played a small part in Yvonne’s turnaround and ultimate success. It's what I love to do. 

How can I help you to achieve what you want?