I believe that "Trust is the product of Test and Time" and designed my three core products around this mantra.

Each service is designed to deliver value that enables my clients to take the "next step" with confidence.

I call it the "Journey of Trust"


Make sure your nets are ready to catch!

Simple design errors could be costing you a fortune in lost sales. Fixing them can be cheap and yet quickly capture more sales without spending another cent on marketing!

Price: R1,497

Guaranteed to deliver at least R3,000 additional GP within 90 days.

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Proper planning prevents poor performance!

A 90-minute Strategy Session is an intense brainstorming session that identifies a clear opportunity, defines a specific 90-day goal and develops the right strategy to achieve the goal.

Price: R7,500

Strategy guaranteed to deliver at least R15,000 additional value within 90 days.

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90-Day Project

What gets measured, grows!

Weekly coaching, consulting and marketing support to implement the plan and incrementally improve performance towards achieving the 90-day goal.

Price: R20,000 (or 3 x R8,000 p.m.)

Guaranteed to deliver at least R40,000 additional GP within 90 days of project.

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