The 6-Stage Guest House Coaching System

My sole focus with the GHC program is on increasing your property’s revenue potential in two ways;
1. Increase occupancy to maximum capacity.
2. Increase the 'profit per customer visit'.

We achieve our objective with a unique combination of tools and proprietary strategies.

The program is based on three core principles, Attract, Convert, Create; the ACC Cycle.
1. Attracting more people into your sales funnel
2. Converting more prospects into profitable customers
3. Creating unique value and increasing the CLV of your guests

The ACC Cycle begins with Convert and we do so for one simple reason, if you want to go fishing, you must be ready to catch! What value is there in attracting more people to your website if it leaks like a sieve?

Here's how it flows.


Request Summary.

Website Conversion is about understanding the psychology of your website visitors; Why are they here? What do they want? And then giving them what they want in the simplest way possible.

Follow up Systems ensure that people who show an interest are given the best opportunity to know what you have to offer and respond. Later on, it’s about keeping in touch with incoming and outgoing guests.

Social Media Strategies focus on growing your social capital within your target market. It’s about understanding the unique ability privately owned establishments have to create and grow exceptional social capital.

Marketing Campaigns identify niche markets that you are uniquely qualified to attract and serve, and then designing strategies to reach these markets in the most cost-effective manner.

LOHAS Strategies capitalise on the growing trend of social awareness in society, especially among those who can afford to travel, whether on business or for pleasure. It’s about understanding what a large segment of your target market really cares about.

Added-value Strategies capitalise on the unique and trusted relationship developing between myself and my clients. Opening up new windows of opportunity as our alignment of vision, values and strategy grows.

Success and the Kaizen principle of continuous improvement. Once started, the ACC Cycle builds up momentum like a flywheel, where every purposeful action to improve performance adds energy and momentum to the Revenue Cycles of the business.

No limits to potential.