Your website is your best opportunity to make a great first impression.

Do it right and your visitor is NINE TIMES more likely to confirm their booking than via an online travel agent.

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Most guest house websites leak like sieves, losing valuable sales!

A fancy graphic designer may stroke your ego with a beautiful brochure website but they could cost you a fortune in lost sales if they don't understand how to make a website suck in sales like a whirlpool.

For less than an average booking, you can find out how to plug the leaks and add up to R156,000 or more to your income.

Do the maths! If your website loses 2 x two-night bookings per week, at an average of only R750 per night, you would be losing ...

R 3,000 per week

R13,000 per month

R 156,000 per year!

I have designed a simple set of Whirlpool Principles guaranteed to suck in sales like a whirlpool and dramatically increase your commission-free bookings. And we can achieve it with only minor design changes to your homepage.

Get tested today! You get a 3-page website review and 30-minute Skype consultation for less than the cost of an average booking.

What's more, if you apply my Whirlpool Principles, I guarantee a result at least 2x my fee.

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Find out if your website sucks in sales like a whirlpool, or if it just sucks.

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